For Allison Mahal, life is like a room full of mirrors reflecting on life, family, creativity, and community. Raised in Chicago and nurtured by Nashville, she has spent years writing her inner narrative, and is finally ready to share it; with her upcoming EP Me Now, she paints glittering visions of heartbreak coinciding with self love and hope. 


Mahal’s silvery vocals spring from a deep well of admiration for her female songwriting heroes like Brandi Carlile, Carole King, and Sara Bareilles. Many hours spent at the piano in her childhood home playing their songs helped to shape her performative confidence and vulnerable yet universal lyricism. 


Me Now tells a story of flirtation, regret, neglect, and the magic of feeding the inner goddess growing older, allowing all feelings to ignite with passion and leave freely in a cloud of sweet-smelling smoke. 


The title track pushes back at feeling small in relationships, and in the pre-chorus she steps out into the light, realizing “taking it back all the time / wasn’t good for [her] mind / and love ain’t built on hiding / what you’re feeling inside”; a revelation for the young woman’s psyche as she becomes her own protagonist.


In “Mustangs” she tempts her memory with could have been, facing the reality of wishing she still knew the person she wishes she could forget, hoping that they found happiness after leaving her behind. 


She welcomes you to turn it up a little too loud to drown out the lonely noise of adolescence with glowing melodies and a hazy intensity - a perfect package for night drives and dance parties of one. ~ Natalie Peterson


Allison Mahal

wants to crash your house party and turn it into a sanctuary.